More than 50 years ago, five Maryville, Tennessee, men embarked on a journey that would take them through some amazing adventures, breathtaking scenery, and outrageous rides. Donald Norton, Blake McCampbell, Don McCampbell, David Carpenter, and Steve Knipp have all known each other since elementary school and junior high and it has been their love of motorcycling that has kept them together all of these years. When they started riding motorcycles, the legal age to ride was merely 14 and you could only ride it within 7 miles from your house. Since then, however, their bikes have taken them on incredible journeys they could only have imagined at such a young age.
Over the years, these friends would pick a destination, set a jumping off point, and then ride together to see where the wind would take them. Recently, they toured the Harley Davidson plant in York, Pennsylvania and visited the Sept 11th crash site in Shanksville along the way. These impromptu trips are something they look forward to every year and only serves to renew their love of motorcycling each and every time. After all, there really is nothing quite like seeing the country from the driver’s seat of a powerful Harley.
Now that they are all retired, these five friends know that these motorcycling trips will only get better. On their minds for the future are trips down the breathtaking Pacific Coast Highway and possibly Milwaukee, the headquarters for Harley Davidson.
Throughout the years, these motorcycling friends have seen it all: bees flying into helmets at 60 Mph, cell phones that get run over, motorcycling accidents, and torrential downpours. Yet the feel of the open road keeps them coming back for more every time. Even though the roads have changed since they first started out on their bikes, their friendship never has.
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