At the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, Motorcyclists get Shot with Silicone to Make Custom Earplugs
When the Progressive International Motorcycle Show rolled into Long Beach, California this month, motorcyclists from across the state were able to customize their motorcycles—and their earplugs. These unique and one-of-a-kind earplugs are custom-made by injecting silicone into motorcyclists’ ear canals. Florida-based audiologist Marilyn Navia of “Now Hear This” had two models for sale this year at the Long Beach, California show—custom silicone plugs for $60 or custom plugs complete with embedded earphones for $230.
Research has shown that wearing ear protection while riding can significantly reduce a motorcyclist’s chance of suffering hearing loss. This hearing loss comes from the constant rush of wind across the ear and can lead to decreased quality of life as a motorcyclist ages. Customized earplugs are a great way to reduce your risk of hearing loss and listen to some sweet tunes along the way.
While custom earplugs are easy to make, they should be fitted by someone experienced like an audiologist. During the procedure, an audiologist presses colored silicone into the ear canal and waits for the silicone to harden. After a few minutes, the mold is removed and sent to the lab for the embedded earphones.
Marilyn Navia will be at the following International Motorcycle Shows and biker rallies in 2013:

International Motorcycle Shows
Washington, DC Jan 4-6, 2013
New York Jan 18-20
Chicago Feb 8-10
AZ Beemers Rally, Prescott, AZ
Americade, Lake George, NY
   Tour Expo,The Beach
Top of the Rockies, Paonia, CO
Women + Motorcycling, Carson City, NV
Laguna Seca Moto GP
NM BMW Rally, Sipapu, NM
If you want to purchase custom earplugs in your area, check with a local audiologist and see if they offer custom motorcycle earplugs. If not, you can buy the kit online and have an audiologist make the impressions for you.

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