Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys Los Angeles: Helmet Safety

There is a new push underway in Washington for a Federal helmet law that would mandate the use of motorcycle helmets nationwide, instead of allowing individual states to legislate their own separate motorcycle safety laws. If a recent National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) list of most-wanted new safety laws is enacted, motorcycle riders across the United States will be required to wear helmets in order to reduce head injuries from motorcycle accidents.

Currently, states enforce a patchwork of helmet laws. While some states require a helmet for all riders, others require helmets only for young riders, and three states—Iowa, Illinois and New Hampshire—don’t mandate the use of a helmet for anyone.

Here in California, of course, helmet use is mandatory for all motorcycle riders and passengers. Still, as mentioned in a recent Bonner’s Ferry Herald story about motorcycle safety, a survey of more than nine hundred motorcycle accidents in the Los Angeles area found that the most deadly injuries are still head, neck and chest injuries.

Here in Los Angeles and throughout the State of California, there is growing pressure for the enforcement of existing motorcycle helmet laws. This is due to both an increase in the number of motorcycle accidents and to the persistent rise in medical and healthcare costs overall, especially for those patients injured in serious motorcycle accidents.

Since a “fix” by California lawmakers seems unlikely to address the short-term issues faced by injured motorcyclists and their families, motorcycle attorneys in Los Angeles and other motorcycle advocate groups continue to play a vital role in educating the driving public, while advocating for improved motorcycle helmet safety. While advances in medical care have improved the outcome for many injured motorcycle riders, the enormous costs of medical treatment and long-term therapy and rehabilitation can be overwhelming.

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