Jack Daniel was known for his Mo!

Los Angeles, California Motorcycle Law Blog; You know that phenomenon that takes place every November? Sure you do, you know, the one where every man shears all of his facial hair and proceeds to grow a moustache in an effort to raise awareness for men’s health specifically prostate and testicular cancer? Yeah, that one. We all now know this yearly ritual as “Movember”.
Numerous foundations and companies across the globe and here in the USA are actively soliciting donations towards men’s health through this fairly new fundraising/awareness vehicle. Gillette, for example, has offered the “eMO’gency styler tour” which offers free moustache touch ups on the streets of any city across North America. What a great way to keep the Movember stache tidy and presentable! On top of that, the Art of Shaving, with locations across Southern California, will match any Movember donation up to a whopping 25,000 dollars! The annual hairy upper lip growth trend continues upward across the States and around the world with one Los Angeles barber shop, Bolt Barbers Monkey House on Melrose Avenue, even staying open until 2am, offering happy hour moustache trims for the faithful participants.
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is in on this years Movember action – Jack Daniels is promoting Movember by encouraging participants share their photos. The Mo’s that closely resemble Jack Daniel’s most prominent feature. At end of month, will be featured in a composite photo. A composite portrait of Mr. Jack Daniel, known for having a great Mo, created from all the Mo photos will be released in December. Your Mo can be part of a bigger Mo, just post your pic on Jack Daniels Facebook page.
This year our Mo Bro’s and Mo Sista’s North of the border at Harley-Davidson Canada are helping bring awareness to this great cause. On November 1st, Dom Bovalino, the head marketing director of Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada, hosted the annual “shear-off” event. Essentially what that entails is that participants remove any and all existing facial hair. This happens at the start of Movember and, then, everyone can let the growth begin.  The many different types of moustaches are only limited by the imagination of the temporary bearers. There is even a page on Facebook where you can share your “hairy” experiences! The purpose of this exercise is not only to raise awareness for men’s health, but also to raise funds for the same reason. All the while, this is accomplished with good humor and an ever growing participation within the male community. Remember, the usual state of self health awareness in the normally staid male community—most men don’t like to talk about their health, go to the doctor or acknowledge they may be sick in any way etc.. Movember has changed that old way of thinking.

Win with Movember – Harley Davidson Canada

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So far, Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada and other H-D Motorcycle retail locations across Canada, have raised approximately 40,000 dollars for men’s health awareness. Add to that fact, Deeley & Harley-Davidson Canada has added an incredible incentive to donate—with every 100 dollars raised, they add a chance to win a 2012 Night Rod Special VRSCDX motorcycle!!  Who wouldn’t want to get in on that action? All for a good cause!
This is a fantastic cause that has gained much traction in the last couple years. It’s great to see Harley-Davidson Motorcycles showing their support. I’ll bet there a plenty of riders out there who participate. If not, why not? It’s such a good cause and may benefit you or someone you care about one day. So, what are you waiting for? There is plenty of Movember left! Get out there and grow your MO!
Donations will be accepted through www.movember.com – show your support to your fellow Mo’s.

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