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Billie Grace Lynn is the associate professor of sculpture and head of 3D art in the Department of Art and Art History at UM, but will soon be best known as the creator and driver of the Mad Cow Motorcycle. This electric/hybrid motorcycle creation was a labor of love for Lynn and one that she hopes will change the world.

When she first moved to Miami, Florida 8 years ago, Billie Lynn became certified in scuba diving and snorkeling. This past time led her to explore Florida’s beautiful coastlines and along the way she noticed that the coral reefs were dying. She was determined to find out why and thus embarked upon a life-changing journey. In her studies, she learned that the acidification of the oceans was largely caused by the greenhouse gases that we release into the atmosphere. The largest contributor to the greenhouse gas is the industrialized production of meat, namely beef, chicken and pork.

As an environmental activist, Lynn decided to create the Mad Cow Motorcycle as a 3D working sculpture to help raise awareness about our meat consumption and the dangers of industrialized meat production in this country. The motorcycle itself is made of cow bones that Lynn salvaged from a field in Florida after a cow was shot while struggling through a difficult birth. Her biodiesel-powered bike is powered by a 3 cylinder Kubota diesel engine and burns waste veggie oil.

The Mad Cow Motorcycle Summer Tour – Russ Brown Lawyer News

This summer, Billie Lynn will travel across the country to spread the message about our nation’s meat consumption. Her goal: to educate others on the dangers meat production has on our environment and our bodies. Even going meatless just one day a week can have a significant effect on global warming.

“The best thing and the easiest thing to do is to reduce our meat consumption,” said Billie Lynn. As she sets out this June to cross the country, she plans to go where the wind takes her. She hopes that her Mad Cow Motorcycle will spark important conversations across the nation and that she has the opportunity to talk to people and spread her message. After seeing this one-of-a-kind motorcycle, I am sure that she will turn heads no matter where she rides.

To learn more about Billie Lynn, her Mad Cow Motorcycle, changing your meat consumption, or her summer adventures, you can visit her website. If you see her in your neighborhood this summer, be sure to stop and talk to her and see this amazing motorcycle first-hand.

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