In what can be described as a unique and totally hilarious move, a man whose devotion is split between his motorcycle and his wife has put both of them up for sale on the popular classifieds website Craigslist.

The man, only identified as Bob was apparently given an ultimatum by his wife; either the Harley goes, or she does. Taking his cue from her, “Bob” posted his ad: ”Wife Says; Harley Goes or I Go’… Your Choice”. Listing off the many attributes of both the bike and his wife, his descriptions cannot help leaving you smiling. Describing the bike as a “Sportster: Beautiful bike,… pearl white with black and orange accent strips”…, and his wife as a “Wife: Beautiful edition…white with a mean streak”. What are even better are the suggestions: “Sportster: Come out and test ride before you buy… Wife: Don’t even go there”.

Other funny bits from the ad…

Sportster: 2006 XL1200L Sportster in excellent condition
Wife: 1959 model year in excellent condition, considering

Sportster: Only 6,500 miles (less than 900 miles per year!)
Wife: High Mileage

Sportster: Well maintained… and it shows–see the pictures
Wife: High maintenance–and it shows–see the pictures

Sportster: Fresh oil change and filter (didn’t need it)
Wife: Oil never changed– but is checked regularly

Bob owns Bobs in Charles City VA so this may have been a very funny marketing ploy.

This isn’t the first time that Craigslist has been used for interesting motorcycle ads, as a number have popped up throughout the years. For example, there was a fellow who claimed that his bike had belonged to Chuck Norris’ before he swiftly roundhouse kicked Mr. Norris in the face. He then claimed the bike was a “ninja” bike and that he “will not admit to how many of the miles have been used for ninja missions.”

There is also the time where a Denver man put his 1994 Honda Goldwing on Craigslist to pay for his wife’s breast augmentation surgery. As he so eloquently put it “it’s time to trade one ride for another”.

Then there is the example of the guy who advertised a 1971 Honda CB350. He called it sick ass and that anyone who rode the bike was an official badass. Commenting that the bike ran like “corn through a goose” and likening the addition of new tires for the bike to a new pair of shoes for a “classy lady.” He even compared a new chain for the machine to buying jewelry for a woman. His reason for selling? Apparently he couldn’t trust himself to ride such a beast without wild abandon!

Never a dull moment!

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