Rolling Thunder, Washington, DC 2012. Rolling Thunder is the large political demonstration that takes place every Memorial Day Weekend in Washington, DC, that pays homage to American Veterans, especially those that are still Prisoners of War and or Missing in Action from all wars.  But to say Rolling Thunder is just about that would be an injustice because Rolling Thunder is much more then that.  Rolling Thunder helps returning Vets avoid foreclosure, they fight for medical benefits for those being denied it, they are the voice of many fallen soldiers who no longer have one.  During the Memorial Day Weekend many members of Rolling Thunder will ‘Mentor Up’ for TAPS – Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors.
“Survivors Helping Survivors Heal.”
TAPS provide ongoing emotional help, and healing and guidance to children who are grieving the death of a loved one due to military service. And every Memorial Day weekend, TAPS brings together those children and pairs them up with a military mentor who will help that child by teaching them coping skills to deal with their tragic loss.
Today – May 27th  – I went to TAPS with Carmella Brown, owner of New York Rider Magazine, and it is a truly emotional experience. These kids do not want to be there. They are only there because they have lost a loved one who was serving in the military. Carmella does her best to get every child she interacts with to smile. I watched her as she convinced shy children to sit on the many motorcycles that were there and to listen to the engines rumble and got big, tattooed bikers to get involved. At one point I watched Carmella as she hugged one of those bikers and told him it was okay to get emotional. Carmella told him “everyone cries here.” And she is right – everyone does cry here.
TAPS is a great organization – get involved –
Rolling Thunder is about so much! And you don’t need to ride a motorcycle or be a Vet to participate and support our troops.

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