If there was ever a comeback story of the year, this one might win the prize. Minnesota marine and Iraqi War veteran, John Byro, was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident last October. A hit and run driver crashed into his motorcycle and left him for dead on the highway in the small town of Gaylord. John has been in a hospital or rehabilitation center ever since, trying his best to recover from injuries that nearly killed him. He is lucky to be alive, but desperate to regain his former life. As a result, John has vowed to get back on his motorcycle as soon as he is released from the VA hospital.
John’s Long Road to Recovery after Motorcycle Accident

John spent months recovering from a traumatic brain injury, a broken collarbone, and broken ribs. He was in a coma and could not walk for a long time. He lost parts of his memory and is still working to get most of his memory back—especially those of the accident. As of now, he still can’t remember much about that night and the driver of the car that hit him is unfortunately still at large. There is a five thousand dollar reward for whoever turns him in.
Back on the Bike
Yet Saturday, June 2nd was not a day of sadness; it was a day of hope. Because on Saturday, surrounded by family and friends, John’s long struggle ended when he got back on his bike for his first ride. Cruising down Highway 60, John reclaimed his freedom and his life after his traumatic motorcycle accident.

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