Five months ago, a group of ladies from New York City with an interest in motorcycles took a step back to observe the city’s motorcycling scene. They were not impressed with what they saw. The Big Apple was essentially dominated by men’s only clubs leaving little room for women to ride, let alone make them feel welcomed in the biking community. Taking the situation as an opportunity for women riders, they set out to make some changes by forming their own club; thus the Miss-Fires Motorcycle Club was born.

Since that inaugural day, the club has expanded rapidly to now include 35 members. The group meets 3-5 times per week, giving the women time to get together to socialise, rebuild vintage bikes, and of course, ride when the weather permits. Right now, they are working on rebuilding a 1971 Yamaha AT1 125, which was a rusty pile of parts when it was first purchased. They’ve got it rebuilt to the point where they hope to get it on the road by the coming weekend!

The Miss-Fires welcomes all people, regardless of age, riding experience or ability. The only requirements that members must have are a valid bike license, and, logically, be female. Anyone interested in joining can check out one of their weekly meetings, become involved with the group and eventually taking their involvement into a full-fledged membership. Those without a valid bike driving license, that are still interested in being involved, are welcome to participate in any event the group stages. Get the motorcycle license and the group would happily welcome them into the fold.

working with the miss fires

With the warmer weather finally moving in, the group has now shifted focus to planning their summer rides to destinations both near and far, camping trips, and more building projects! A few of the summer rides will be done with members of other local clubs, allowing the members to meet other people from the city who share similar interests. They also have a motorcycle film festival in the works, which is shaping up to be quite the event as well. If you are interested in learning more about the Miss-Fires, you can check them out at like their page on Facebook and get out and ride with the Miss-Fires in New York City.

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