Michigan Set To Vote on Repealing Current Helmet Law TomorrowMichigan’s State Senate is set to vote tomorrow to repeal the current motorcycle helmet laws, and send it to Governor Rick Snyder’s desk. The measure has been stalled within the senate previously as the governor had  voiced concerns of the measure and how it would relate to Michigan’s current no fault insurance laws.
While helmet law supporters stand fast on their believe that the current laws will save lives, Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville is hopeful to get the measure passed in time for Michigan’s motorcycle riding season.
“It doesn’t seem fair that a group of people who just want the freedom to choose whether to have a helmet or not are being held back because a couple other groups aren’t getting along or coming around to a compromise,” Richardville said.
There isn’t any word on how the Governor plans to deal with the repeal should it reach his desk.
The desire for the repeal of mandatory helmet laws is nothing new to motorcyclists in Michigan and other states that have helmet laws in effect. It just comes down to one side seeking the freedom to choose, and the opposition who state the need for safety.
While both sides certainly have valid points, many lean toward the side of caution over that of freedom. I personally wear a D.O.T. approved skid lid, mainly because I have become accustomed to wearing it, but I would choose it over wearing a full face helmet that is confining and impairs my hearing and peripheral vision.
While on the road, at bike shows and events I make it a point to ask motorcyclists what they think about the helmet laws in their state. While most are in favor of mandatory helmet laws for children and anyone under legal age, all are unanimous in letting the individual choose whether to wear a helmet or not.
With only 3 States that do not have any helmet laws, Iowa, Illinois, and New Hampshire, the other 47 States have some form of helmet laws in effect, and while the rationale for each state differs slightly, the general consensus is that they help save lives.
Tomorrow’s vote by the Michigan Senate if passed will go a long way to helping other states make the move towards repealing or at the least relaxing their individual helmet laws. When you think about it, this country was based on protecting the individual freedoms of its citizens and no matter what the collective government has to say, it should always grant the right choose for anyone who is old enough to vote!
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