California Motorcycle LawyersMotorcycle Accident Lawyers California; Minors may have to get motorcycle training to get licensed in the state of CA.

I recently ran across an article in The Sacramento Bee about two teens who are lobbying to change California motorcycle permit requirements for young motorcyclists. According to the article, 19-year old Sawyer Cole and his 18-year old friend Michael Kelleher are proposing legislation that would require drivers ages 21 and under to complete 15 hours of motorcycle training instruction before they can receive a California motorcycle permit. Their proposed legislation, Assembly Bill 1952, would apply to permits for motorized two-wheel vehicles including motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters. This bill, named “Jarrad’s Law,” has passed the California State Assembly and the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee.

This issue has personal significance to these young men. Sawyer’s older brother, Jarrad, died in a tragic motorcycle accident in 2007 at the age of 18. The accident occurred near Jarrad’s home when he lost control of his motorcycle. He had a California motorcycle permit at the time, but no formal motorcycle training.
The California Department of Motor Vehicles does not currently require minors to complete any type of motorcycle rider training before they can receive a motorcycle permit. The only mandatory training courses minors must complete in order to get a motorcycle permit are general driver education and driver training programs. A motorcycle training class is only required for drivers under the age of 21 when they apply for a motorcycle license.
This means teenagers and young adults can get motorcycle permits in California and ride on public roads, with the exception of freeways and nighttime driving, with no formal motorcycle safety training. Driver inexperience is a factor in many California motorcycle and car accidents involving teenagers and young adults. Lack of training combined with lack of motorcycle driving experience is a dangerous combination for any motorcyclist.
Even if motorcycle safety instruction is not required for a learner’s permit in California, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that all motorcyclists complete a motorcycle rider-training course to learn how to operate a motorcycle safely.
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