Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: BERT POT – Being One-handed is not the end of his motorcycling.

At Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® we love hearing stories of motorcyclists who defy all odds and continue to ride. We know how exhilarating life on two wheels can be and how devastating it would be to have to hang it all up. Luckily, there are motorcyclists around the world who remind us that riding a motorcycle is a privilege and one that we should never take for granted. Meet Bert Pot of Holland. A workplace accident severely injured his left hand in 2006 and the damage was so extensive that physicians were forced to amputate his left hand. This meant having to live his life entirely differently, and unfortunately, it also meant the end of riding a motorcycle.
Bert had been riding motorcycles since he was a child and the idea of being unable to get back on his bike sent him into a tailspin. He immediately began to figure out how he was going to ride his motorcycle again. Luckily for him, the Holland based Motorcycle Mobility for Disabled stepped in to help. This specialized group works to help injured motorcyclists learn to get back on their bikes and ride again. This group works with special riding/driving schools, orthopedic instrument manufacturers and motorcycle specialists to help modify motorcycles to fit the motorcyclist’s disability.
In Bert’s case, they needed to figure out how to modify the bike so he could control the motorcycle easily. They started by obtaining a specialized prosthetic hand that would allow Bert to grip the motorcycle’s left handlebar. This was done with a hook type of prosthetic hand that actually clamps into place around the handlebar.
Next, Bert had to be able to ride his bike safely and confidently. This meant regaining his category-A license. With hard work and determination, he was able to achieve this milestone and then he set about finding a motorcycle that would fit his needs. He chose a new R1200RT that he could modify to suit his needs.
The Motorcycle Mobility for Disabled group brought in Rob Jansen, a motorcycle engineer and former Grand Prix technician to modify Bert’s bike. He was able to adapt the R1200RT for Bert’s needs by moving the clutch lever to the right handlebar for activation. In addition, he needed to fit the left hand handlebar switch gear onto the same right handlebar for thumb operation. He even has an integral ABS system that makes braking safer and smoother.
For more information about Bert or to learn more about motorcycling after a disability, you can visit Bert’s Website—
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