michigan wisconsin pennsylvania texas california motorcycle accident injury lawyerThe New York State Department of Motor Vehicles data reports 5,336 motorcycle accidents in 2011. That’s an average of about fourteen per day, and, of those, 168 resulted in fatalities. The two most recent motorcycle fatalities occurred last Wednesday in Penfield and Rochester, further raising the subject of motorcycle safety and awareness
According to Eric Carlston, president of Monroe County ABATE, the number of motorcycles on the road has steadily increased over the past five years. Carlston attributes the increase to better gas mileage on bikes and a recovering economy that allows more people to own the motorcycle they’ve always wanted to.
First-time motorcycle owners and older motorcyclists, who have finished raising their families, are hitting the road and both kinds of riders can pose some risks. Older riders just returning to the road from a hiatus, don’t realize that their skills are not as finely tuned as they used to be. Younger riders, with less experience, are less aware of their surroundings and don’t appreciate how much power they have at their hands.
New motorcycles are more powerful than they used to be and Carlston recommends participating in a motorcycle safety course after a new bike purchase, even if someone has past riding experience.
Patrick Andrews, president of Chapter IV of the Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club recently attended the Blue Knights International Convention in Hot Springs, AR. Andrews brings a safety officer to the Blue Knights monthly meetings to make safety presentations. He said that in the past five years, four Blue Knights members from Monroe County have been in accidents. One member was in an accident on her way to the convention.
While some of the accidents are unavoidable, such as deer jumping out in front of you, most can be prevented by being aware of your surroundings and riding defensively. The ever-growing number of motorcycles on the road combined with increased distracted driving makes for a dangerous combination for motorcyclists.
Both motorcycles and drivers must be aware of their position on the road in order to create a safe driving environment. In addition, motorcyclists and drivers must always take a second look before turning or changing lanes.
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