Motorcycle Musings for November 19, 2009
I have to start off with something funny I just read in the LA Times, than I’ll get to the morbid motorcycle accident stuff.
The LAPD busted an elaborate marijuana-growing operation that was well equipped with a top of the line filtration system. How did the LAPD find such a sophisticated pot farm? They could smell it. The brilliant cannabis  farmers, who took the time and money to build a high-end weed manufacturing farm should have investigated “where” they located a little better. Location Location Location. Where did they decide to locate their world class  pot biz? Twenty five feet away from a police station. Yup, twenty five feet away from Los Angeles Police Department’s Topanga station in Canoga Park.
Okay, now onto the morbid motorcycle accident news of today.
San Jose, CA. Fellow rider Kerry Stephen Frugoli, a 60-year-old motorcyclist was involved in a motorcycle accident November 9, 2009. He was taken to the hospital and died two days later. The Santa Clara County coroner will conduct an autopsy to determine the victim’s cause of death.  Police hope to find any witnesses. Anyone who may have seen this motorcycle accident should call Milpitas Police Department at 408-586-2400. Sadly alcohol seems to be a factor as it was a solo accident.
In San Diego, CA a man wearing a motorcycle helmet robbed a Subway sandwich shop and in  EL PASO, Texas — A trial has begun for an El Paso, Texas man charged in connection with the deaths of two motorcycle riders. Mario Ruiz “allegedly” (I love the use of the word allegedly”) drove his truck into the back of a motorcycle carrying two young men. He continued to drive and “allegedly” dragged the motorcycle and the two men for about 300 feet when the truck dislodged the men and the bike. Ruiz continued to drive then jumped out of his truck and ran away. I would like to say “allegedly” screaming like a girl but I would only be alleging he did that. Anyway he got BUSTED and is now on trial. And in California Highway Patrol officer, based out of San Jose, CA was not seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident after his motorcycle malfunctioned and he crashed on a rural highway near Interstate 680.
Toy Run Announced for Greenwood SC
Southern Roads Motorcycle Club Inc.’s Eighth Annual Santa’s Cause Toy Ride and Poker Run will benefit the more than 70 children in Greenwood and Abbeville counties living in foster care this holiday season.
The poker run will take place Saturday and registration will begin at noon at Calhoun Motorsports at 205 Birchtree Drive. All of the money will be donated to A Voice for the Children Foundation Inc., a nonprofit organization associated with the guardian ad-litem program of Greenwood and Abbeville counties. The foundation seeks to provide for the needs of children in foster care.
Get out and support your local charities this Holiday Season. It is gonna be tough for a lot of our fellow riders this year.
Signing off for today from Los Angeles, CA
Canadian in LA