Protect your rights with a motorcycle accident lawyerInjured in a motorcycle accident? Make sure your consult with an accident attorney who knows the motorcycle laws in your state.
Many accident lawyers and insurance companies in good faith do the best that they can to negotiate the validity of accident claims and the financial damages one wrongfully injured in an accident deserves. However, too often, one injured in a motorcycle accident is not given correct information as to their legal rights, usually by an insurance adjuster trying to defeat the validity of a motorcycle accident victim’s claim for damages.
One important example, in the state of Indiana, as in some other states, motorcycle riders are not always required to wear a helmet when operating on Indiana roadways. Although In Indiana the fact that one was not wearing a helmet may be used to diminish a victim’s claim of injury that would not otherwise be caused if a helmet was worn, this fact should not be used to diminish a motorcycle accident victim’s legal remedies altogether.
In such circumstances, it is often critical that an Indiana motorcycle accident lawyer be consulted so as not to allow injured motorcycle riders in that state to be discouraged by insurance companies from pursuing their legal rights to compensation based upon not wearing a helmet. Regrettably, many such accident victims have lost their legal right to damages due to learning that they had valid legal claims only after the statue of limitations for bringing a lawsuit had passed. Most often it is precisely these innocent victims of roadway negligence that are in most need of the financial compensation that only the threat of a lawsuit may provide.
More often than car accidents, the physical injuries occurring in motorcycle accidents are more severe, and notably for insurance companies usually require the payout of more financial compensation to their insured motorcycle riders who have become innocent victims of roadway negligence.
Recognizing this fact, motorcycle riders nationwide are well aware of the high insurance premiums collected by insurance companies based upon the assumption of serious financial risk these companies take should an insured motorcycle rider become seriously and wrongfully injured. As a result, do not allow an unethical insurance representative to unfairly describe motorcycle law to you, such as your responsibility to wear a helmet in a state such as Indiana, in an effort to defeat or minimize their responsibilities to compensate you if injured by another’s negligence.
When one injured in a motorcycle accident retains a motorcycle accident lawyer, please be sure to ask whether the motorcycle accident attorney has trained in a certified motorcycle safety program of their respective state. This unique knowledge tailored to the rights and responsibilities of motorcycle riders can best enable your motorcycle accident attorney to fully present the most accurate statement of the law when applied to a legal claim for damages as a result of a motorcycle injury in your state. Most significantly, armed with this knowledge, your Indiana motorcycle accident attorney or lawyer where you live will be best positioned to demand and secure a fair financial settlement for an injured motorcycle rider, in many cases without the need for the time and costly expense of trial.
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