Hello from Los Angeles this sunny Friday morning. Course it  may not be sunny where you are but it is sunny where I am and that is what matters. Hahaha.
Topping the news this week – truth is truly stranger than fiction. A woman opening her jewelry store in some small town in the US was trampled by a stampede of deer. Yes deer. This is on CNN.com today. She was tossed in the air and landed hard but suffered no major injuries. Yes there were witnesses.
By now everyone has heard that Tiger Woods is human. Oh my, a mega celebrity cheated on his wife.  Is this shocking news? I think not. Tiger has had to deal with people telling him about his image since he could walk. He was about to burst at the seams in some way and it just happened to be sex as opposed to booze or drugs – well that I know of anyway. But, in fun, me and some friends on facebook are claiming we too are having an affair with Tiger Woods.
In news coming out of Tampa, Florida a man tried to steal a motorcycle with the owner of the motorcycle still on the bike. The wanna be thief tried to pull the owner off the motorcycle to take it and unbeknown-st to the crook the person he was trying to remove from the motorcycle was an off-duty police officer. Busted!
I could go into all the gory motorcycle accident news stuff right now but Ill put that off for the next blog. I need coffee before that one.
There are a lot of toy runs happening all across the Nation and I urge you all to get out and help the cause. It’s tough all over and in tough times it’s easy to forget about the needy and they need us more than ever. Here in Los Angeles a food donation center was robbed and the bastards took over 100 000.00 dollars worth of food and toys.
Ciao from Los Angeles, CA
Canadian Red

BAM girls Los Angeles

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