Motorcycle Artist Scott Jacobs Newest Release

World Renowned Motorcycle Artist Scott Jacobs Releases Latest Creation.

Motorcycles are beautiful in their own right, add to the mix a world renowned Motorcycle Painter and what you get is an incredible piece of artwork.
Scott Jacobs Studio announces the release of Scott Jacobs latest “must have” piece, the 1913 EXCELSIOR-HENDERSON (original painting owned by Doug Adams)
The 1913 Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle
In 1905, Excelsior crafted its first motorcycle in Chicago, Illinois. It was a single-speed machine that resembled a bicycle that could get speeds from 35 to 40 mph. As the motorcycle culture started to take hold with the adventurous at heart, motorcycles evolved away from the bicycle design and started to become the motorcycles we know today. In 1913 the Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle was advertised as the only motorcycle with “complete control in the handlebars,” and was sold as a touring bike but it quickly became a record setting long distance and endurance competitor. In 1913, Carl Clancy, on his 1912 Henderson Four, put over 18,000 miles on his motorcycle to become the first biker to ride around the world.
The 1913 Excelsior-Henderson painting is another example of Scott Jacob’s extraordinary talent. The challenge of properly painting motorcycles on canvas hasn’t changed but premiere artist Scott Jacobs has remained true to his passion and continues to use the twelve camel hair brush as his main tool.
Scott Jacobs paintings are a testament to his incredible painting technique.
Scott’s images can be seen on many objects from limited editions graphics to Franklin Mint Collector Plates, coffee mugs, beach towels, clocks and many others. 2010 saw the release of his second book, The Art of Scott Jacobs – The Complete Works. He has captured the likeness of celebrities in commissioned portraits such as business tycoon Malcom Forbes, super models Kim Alexis and Kathy Ireland. On the suggestion of a friend, Scott merged his love of motorcycles with his artistic talent and became the first officially licensed Harley-Davidson artist painting the images that continue to amaze Harley-Davidson enthusiasts worldwide.
This caliber of art work is created by Scott only once or twice a year.
The edition size is strictly limited to 50 examples of giclees on canvas 22´x 32” plus 5 APS and 5 HCS (framing adds approx. 7” each direction).
For more information contact:
Ron Copple
Scott Jacobs Studio

Scott Jacobs will be at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this summer in South Dakota at the Harley Davidson Dealership.

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