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Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Award winning artist Scott Jacobs, along with his daughter Alexa, will star in the new season premiere of ABC hit television show “SECRET MILLIONAIRE” which debuts Sunday June 3rd. After spending a week in an impoverished neighborhood in Newark, N.J, Scott and Alexa volunteer to work at various community charities and in the end reveal their true identities and give away a small fortune to deserving, hard working and giving people who put those in need above themselves. A gripping story not to be missed.
Scott Jacobs’ story:
Since 1993, Scott Jacobs was the first ever official artist for Harley Davidson Motorcycles. He has survived and thrived through, at least, two major recessions and his artwork hang in museums, galleries and private collections all over the world. Scott has “made it” in the tough, competitive mainstream Fine Art market; but only after and as a result of being widely accepted in the motorcycle community. We are one of the longest standing licensees in the history of the Motor Co. notwithstanding the naysayers, who in the beginning, laughed and made comments like “who would ever hang a motorcycle on their wall?”
The evolution of the motorcyclist, starting with “outlaw biker” of the fifties, has morphed into the modern day “enthusiast” who enjoys the same passion for riding but without the stigma of a bad-boy reputation. Motorcyclists value the camaraderie, the exhilaration of the ride and a sense of shared passion. Scott’s mantra of bringing motorcycle art out of the garage and into the living room has played a part in that evolutionary process. Testimony to this is not in short supply if you queried his collectors; especially those who live in cold regions. We’ve had more than one person state the following: “my Scott Jacobs’ Panhead print, which I look at everyday hanging in my office, gets me through the winter months as I look forward to the spring and summer riding season”.
Scott’s career has been a classic rags to riches story, owed in large part to the support of the motorcycle world. His theme could be “if you follow your passion and stick to your plan good things will happen”. Bike builders, who are also artists, have come and gone in the last twenty years and even Harley Davidson Motorcycles has had its ups and downs but here we have a rare success story about one of our own that we can all be proud of.
Buzz Kanter, publisher of American Iron Magazine said it in eloquent fashion; “Scott has the gift of combining his passion for motorcycles, old and new, with a fine eye for fine art. I can see how he appeals to such a wide audience with his work. Scott is living the life and motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere can identify with his art from the old Panheads to the new twin cams. Only one lucky person can own an original Scott Jacobs painting but anyone can enjoy his work in this book”.
I first met Scott Jacobs in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, at a motorcycle event in which his artwork was being featured. Not only did I fall in love with Scott’s paintings but became a fan of Scott Jacobs as a person. ABC will sum up in a one-hour show what I have known for years – Scott Jacobs is solid gold!
“Secret Millionaire” premieres SUNDAY, JUNE 3 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.
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