Get out and ride today. May is motorcycle awareness month designated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and taking place today
all over the US are motorcycle awareness rides in memoriam for the major motorcycle accident that happened in Phoenix, Arizona in March of this year.
On March 25th 2010 in Phoenix Arizona 4 motorcycle riders were killed in a motorcycle accident and 5 badly injured. The individual who caused the accident was on illegal drugs, failed to control his speed and plowed into the group of bikers while driving a large sanitation truck. He has since been charged.
The threat to us bikers is real. 47 % of motorcycle fatalities involve other vehicles and more than 100,000 motorcyclists have died in traffic crashes since the enactment of the Highway Safety and National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966.   It is, not only up to the people in four wheeled vehicles to keep their eyes open for us motorcyclists, it’s important for us to do everything possible to make sure we are seen on the road.
What can a biker do to BE SEEN:
Wear bright colors on your helmet and jacket.
Run your high beam during the day.
Don’t ride in people’s blind spots.
Be mindful of some of the drivers that do not know lane splitting is legal in California.  You can decide to go up against a truck that cut you off while lane splitting but the truck is bigger and will always win.  You may win in court but is it worth the scrapes, loss of limb or worse.
What you can do to protect you:

Don’t drink and drive!  And to all us ol’timers out there we are in more fatal accidents where booze is a factor more then the youth on the road.
“In 2000, 28 percent of all fatally injured motorcycle operators were intoxicated (BAC 0.10 g/dl or greater). An additional 11 percent had lower alcohol levels (BAC 0.01 to 0.09 g/dl). The intoxication rate was highest for fatally injured operators between 40 to 44 years old (42 percent), followed by ages 35 and 39 (39 percent) and ages 45 to 49 (34 percent).”

Helmets are estimated to be 29 percent effective in preventing fatal injuries to motorcyclists.  As much as I agree it is awesome to ride sans helmet studies show that using a DOT helmet saves lives.
Basic Motorcycle Prep 101:
Go through a certified training program.  Be properly prepared before you even buy a motorcycle.
Wear protective gear all the time.  Here in Los Angeles it can get hot but I still cover in denim and or leather.  Road rash is a biatch and I want none of it.
Don’t drink or take drugs before getting on your motorcycle.
Take refresher skills courses.
Ride within your skill limits.  Now this is where I see young kids fuck up.  Youth love speed and here in Los Angeles we have a lot of great motorcycle rides with curves and turns and sure as shit, young kids are constantly crashing on those routes.  Take your time to learn the road.
We can’t always predict what the driver of a four wheeler is gonna do, and I do believe drivers should have more motorcycle education before getting a license, so you need to protect you.
And last but not least and I cannot stress this enough, GET FULL MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE COVERAGE.  If you end up in a car battle, even with a Smart Car, you will hurt more then the other driver after the battle is done.  He is protected by four walls of metal and air bags, you are protected by hopefully denim or leather but I’ve seen chicks in bikinis on bikes.  Accountability my fellow bikers.  Make sure you are covered in case of a motorcycle accident.  Get full coverage in Uninsured motorist, underinsured motorist etc etc etc etc etc etc.  What is your life worth?  Don’t expect the other driver’s insurance will cover ALL of your medical expenses even if they are at fault. Trust me, I see this happen all the time.  A biker is hurt cause some twit was texting and not paying attention but the twit had very little insurance and the biker also had very little insurance.  You write the ending to your story here!
Ride safe and see you in Washington, DC for Rolling Thunder’s Ride to the Wall.  This is one of the best motorcycle events going!

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