Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Band of Brothers Motorcycle Club, Belleville, Illinois, helps Vietnam vet Terry Meyers, 56, keep his car at Christmas.

Band of Brothers is a motorcycle club whose main goal is to raise funds for veterans in need.  This season they got one such chance when local Vietnam War vet Terry Meyers needed help to pay debts that he incurred while going through cancer treatment.  Meyers had completed numerous tours of duty in Vietnam in the mid 70’s.  Unfortunately he had recently been diagnosed with cancer and required surgery.  A chef by trade, the surgery required recovery time and Meyers began feeling the financial pinch.  Band of Brothers caught wind of his plight and decided to take action.  They wrote a check for $250 dollars out to Kennedi Auto Sales to cover a payment for Meyers’ car and managed to convince the dealership to forgive the remaining amount owed on the cars note.  Meyers could not believe what had happened and is “just speechless, I’m so thankful they exist and what they’re doing for other veterans”.  For Band of Brothers, the chance to help Meyers was a no brainer–their mission is to help veterans who are in need.
The club’s treasurer, stated that helping vets where possible is Band of Brother’s mission.  Over the past few years, the club has raised over $6000 dollars to help the cause and is continuously looking for new ways to help improve the lives of war veterans around the nation.  They have been able to provide all sorts of equipment to help better the lives of veterans around the State of Illinois; with the goal of moving to a national level.  For now though, they are focused on helping veterans in their own state and sharing a little Christmas spirit for people like Terry Meyers.
Kudos to Motorcycle Club Band of Brothers for looking out for our Vets!

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