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Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Corporal Matthew Hanes Gets Biker Escort Home

It was quite an emotional spectacle on the local interstate running through Manchester, Pennsylvania as hundreds of riders from local clubs came out to escort wounded in action soldier Corporal Matthew Hanes home from the front.
The 21 year old was serving in Afghanistan until,  June 23, 2102, when he took a bullet to the shoulder that left him paralyzed from the chest down.  It’s been a long road to recovery for the young man with a stays in Frankfurt to stabilize him, a stay in Walter Reed, and, finally a stay in a rehabilitation hospital in Tampa, Florida.  But once the riders from the Patriot Guard, Guardian Knights and Warrior Brotherhood Veterans Motorcycle Clubs heard he was on his way home to Pennsylvania, they got together and turned up, in grand fashion, to join him for the ride home.
United in their unwavering respect for veterans and those who are still putting their lives on the line in the name of freedom; these three clubs got together when they heard the news of Hanes’ return.  Wanting to show their respect, every available rider met on the Pennsylvania State Line where they  escorted Hanes  home where he was greeted by an emotional group of family and neighbors.  Cheers erupted as the van carrying Hanes arrived at his house amidst the thunder of hundreds of bikes.  The riders, to further show their gratitude,  presented  him with a flag.

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Members of the three clubs stated it was their goal to get him home safe and honor him as a hero.  They did just that.  Members of the community and Hanes’ family were overwhelmed by the support shown by the these motorcycle clubs. Hanes’ father, Lee, stated “I’m ecstatic”.
Local contractors, residents and family members all pitched in to build an addition to the Hanes family home that will give Matthew a functional living space and better access to the rest of the home.
After a very emotional day for all.
Welcome home Corporal Matthew Hanes!

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