Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawyers; It’s early Sunday AM and I am reviewing what’s coming down the news wire for the weekend. It’s interesting to see what is causing our fellow bikers to go down. It’s sad when the motorcycle accident is caused by someone else not paying attention and definitely sad and disappointing when it was caused by the motorcycle rider themselves. A study by the Highway Loss Data Institute shows that the courses designed to make motorcyclists safer are not resulting in a lower motorcycle crash rate.

“We are not saying they aren’t supposed to get training, but we need to have realistic expectations about what training can do,” said Anne McCartt, the senior vice president for research at the Insurance Institute, which is funded by the insurance industry.

Research also shows that helmets and anti lock brakes on motorcycles do save lives. So what does this tell us about the Motorcycle Safety Courses? There are a couple of things you can’t train for; youth and poor judgment. Youth love speed and people love to drink and drive. Many motorcycle crashes that occur where a young person is involved, speed was a major factor and in fatalities on motorcycles where booze was a factor, the biker was in his forties. But the majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by THE OTHER DRIVER not paying attention. I have said it before and will say it again, until they make ‘Sharing the Road” with other drivers a major part of driver safety courses, the major cause of motorcycle accidents will remain ‘major’.
When I took my drivers license test there may have been a sentence or statement telling me to share the road. I think they need to make ‘Sharing the Road’, a major part of any driver safety program. Show the youngins’ going for their drivers license what can happen if they are too busy talking on their cell phone or texting what can happen. Make it graphic. Don’t hold back and emblaze it in their head what can happen to a fellow human if they are being distracted by texting or talking. In some cities in North America if a man gets busted for soliciting a prostitute he is forced to go to John School where he listens to prostitutes tell their story. Why can’t new drivers hear what happens to motorcyclists, pedestrians, cyclists due to a driver’s negligence before they get behind the wheel of a huge suv?
Maybe, just maybe, motorcycle safety courses are directed at the wrong demographic. Perhaps motorcycle awareness needs to be taught to EVERYONE that is being licensed to drive vehicle.
I do believe in the Motorcycle Safety Classes. But also believe that other drivers need to have it drilled into them what can happen if they are not paying attention to the road.
Motorcycle accident reports for Sunday July 25
In Orlando, Fl the Orlando Sentinel is reporting a motorcycle officer that was escorting a funeral procession lost control of his motorcycle.
In Mason City, South Dakota a man was in a  motorcycle accident in Cerro Gordo County. According to the Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Department, the man on his motorcycle collided with a pick-up truck and is in fair condition.
In Circleville, Ohio a woman died Saturday when her motorcycle collided with a pick-up truck. The driver, Sheila L Dunn of Chillicothe, drove into oncoming traffic when she hit the truck.

A motorcycle crash early Sunday occurred on Interstate Highway 80 in northern Solano County, California, and claimed the life of the motorcycle driver, a California Highway Patrol officer said. The biker hit the center divide and lost control of his motorcycle.

And in the Indianapolis area a Jamestown woman was killed when her motorcycle went off the road in Boone County.  The motorcycle accident happened near the intersection of County Road 800 South and County Road 600 West in Boone County. She was pronounced dead shortly after deputies arrived.
The only person you can be accountable for while riding your motorcycle is YOU so ride Safe!

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