Nick Matthews broke his neck and back in a motorcycle crash.  He walked out of the hospital on his own and is now training for a marathon.

Last June, club racer Nick Matthews went down to the club track to put his bike through road testing and get in a few practice laps in preparation for his big race. Yet on this fateful day, Nick was distracted and forgot to tighten the brake bolts on his bike before heading out onto the track. Seven minutes into his practice, Nick tried to apply the brakes as he approached a turn—yet his brakes failed. As a result, Nick sped head first into a wall at the Oulton Park race circuit in Cheshire going 120mph.

Friends who witnessed the horrific motorcycle crash were certain he was dead. Yet Nick Matthews was not. He was immediately airlifted to Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester, England where surgeons managed to save his life. It was then that they began the arduous task of rebuilding his broken body as best they could.

Matthews had sustained significant injuries, including:

·       Broken neck
·       Collarbone broken in 2 places
·       Broken sternum
·       6 Broken ribs
·       Broken wrist
·       2 Broken fingers
·       Backbone broken in 3 places
·       Collapsed left lung

Surgeons and medical experts told Matthews that he might never walk again. Yet just 10 days after the horrific  motorcycle crash, Nick stood at the edge of his bed and began to walk to the amazement of his medical team. He vowed then and there that one day he would do more than just walk—he would run a marathon. A mere 3 weeks after doctors feared he would never survive his injuries, he walked out of the hospital unaided. Now, Nick Matthews is training for the Berlin Marathon in September, even though his body is still held together by a myriad of metal rods and screws.

Why would a motorcycle accident victim who has fought so hard to recover, want to tax his rebuilt body further by running a marathon? The answer is simple. He wants to raise funds for the air ambulance that saved his life and he believes he owes it to the guys who saved his life not to be beaten.accident_did_not_stop_Nick_Matthews

While Nick Matthews may not win any medals or break any records in his September marathon, he will cross that finish line—proving to both himself and the world how indestructible we truly are. Though our bodies may be beaten and broken—our minds and our spirits never truly are.

Thank you Nick Matthews for serving as an inspiration to us all.

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