Zac Vawter – the first person to climb Chicago’s Willis Tower with bionic leg. Source: AP

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®; Motorcycle Accident victim climbs 2100 stairs with bionic leg.

Having lost his leg in a horrific motorcycle accident in the Seattle, Washington area nearly three years ago, Zac Vawter attempted the near impossible. He attempted to climb the steps of the iconic, 103 story Willis tower in Chicago, Illinois. What is remarkable is that he successfully completed the feat—on two legs! No, he didn’t do it on a normal everyday type of prosthetic; he accomplished this feat with the aid of a bionic prosthetic leg. Vawter completed the event climbing the 2100 stairs as quickly as anyone else. The event, known as SkyRise Chicago, is a charity event designed to raise money for rehabilitation research across the nation.
The bionic leg is an 8 million dollar piece of equipment. What is remarkable about this leg is that it reacts to the wearer’s thoughts and acts the same as the leg the recipient was born with.  Responding to the electrical impulses that are sent through the hamstring, the inboard computer reacts according to the strength of the electrical signal and moves the corresponding part of the prosthetic. The leg was the brainchild of numerous institutions and educational centers – the U.S. Department of Defence along with Vanderbilt University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Rhode Island and the University of New Brunswick.

Motorcycle Crash Does Not Stop Zac Vawter

Upon the completion of the historic climb, researchers were quoted as saying that “the leg’s performances were beyond measure”. As for Vawter, he was just happy to help and be part of the process “Today was a big event. It’s neat to be part of the research and part of the Research Institute of Chicago”.
Having completed his climb with a time that sat right in the middle of the pack, the leg shows great potential to be an additional step in the healing of amputees, whether their injuries hail from the battlefields, or the streets. However, there is still much work to be done to allow such a fantastic piece of machinery to become available to the general public. But as technology improves, and costs begin to decrease accordingly, it’s a fantastic sign for amputees everywhere that their lives can begin to take a turn back towards normality.
Three cheers to Zac and the researcher! Their success has opened a door of hope for thousands of people, similarly afflicted, who can now look to a future that may one day allow everyone to benefit from their hard work and never quit approach.
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