Personal Injury LawyersThe big motorcycle event in California happening this weekend is the Red Bull US Grand Prix in Monterey, CA. BAM, Free Breakdown and Legal Assistance for Motorcyclists, a volunteer program for Bikers Helping Bikers®, will be set up there to sign up volunteers.  This is a great program sponsored by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®, Brown, Koro & Romag, LLP. The more members BAM has the better the program can help a stranded motorcyclists. It is emergency roadside and legal assistance. We have had some people call to get free gas or to get rides from hotels to their homes hundreds of miles away. When we get a call from a BAM member and they are stuck on the side of the road, we start calling fellow bikers who may be at work, to come and help in an emergency situation. A ride from a Las Vegas casino to your home in Arkansas because you gambled away your money, is not an emergency.

Motorcycle’s in the News

Harley Davidson may open an assembly plant in India. They have opened three dealerships in India and plan to open two more in the fall. Due to taxes and tariffs being high on the imported US products an assembly plant in India would help lower the cost and put more Harley Davidson’s on the road in India which has the second largest motorcycle population in the world next to China.

The shiftless motorcycle; dual-clutch transmission, is moving into becoming a motorcycle norm.This gives the biker the choice of manually changing gears or letting the transmission shift automatically.   Honda has built the VFR1200F with the dual-clutch transmission and it is a first for a full size motorcycle.

A Winter Garden, Florida motorcycle police officer was hurt in a motorcycle accident. Officer Travis Waters was riding to the scene of another accident when a cager pulled in front of him.

A Highland man/Ulster was killed on Thursday in a motorcycle accident when his motorcycle ran off Perkinsville Road, in the Town of Lloyd. He hit a utility pole. As I mentioned in my blog yesterday 25% of fatal motorcycle accidents in 2008 involved a biker hitting a fixed object.

Finally a story that I wish I read more of. Three restaurants in the city of Long Beach, CA are getting together to help a man that was almost killed in a motorcycle accident about one month ago.

La Strada Restaurant, Marri’s Pizza and Naples Rib Co. are teaming up for Monday’s Hugh’s Bite Nite, a fundraiser in which a percentage of the proceeds will go to the family of Hugh Boyle.

On June 21, Boyle, 50, was on his motorcycle  traveling south on Palo Verde Avenue and while making a left onto Stearns Street he was broadsided by a pickup.

If you want to help out head to La Strada Restaurant on Monday. La Strada Restaurant is at 4716 East 2nd St., Marri’s Pizza is at 6436 E. Stearns St., Naples Rib Co. is at 5800 E. 2nd St.

Mention “Hugh’s Bite Nite” to your server. For more, read Shelley’s blog at or visit

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