California Motorcycle Fatalities on the Decline: California Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

According to the Daily Breeze, motorcycle fatalities in California have declined for the first time since 1998. This is good news for the thousands of motorcyclists that routinely hit California’s freeways and highways every day. While traffic fatalities overall have declined by 10.3%, motorcycle fatalities have declined by 29.6%–but why have California motorcycle fatalities suddenly decreased?

Possible Reasons for the Decrease in CA Motorcycle Fatalities

· The poor economy—some speculate that the poor economy has had something to do with decreased motorcycle fatalities, as fewer people spend their weekend joy riding and vacationing.
· Decrease in motorcycle registration—there has been a 2% decrease in motorcycle registrations this year, which may mean that fewer motorcycles are hitting the road.
· Safer helmets and other motorcycle equipment—motorcycle gear, such as helmets and Kevlar suits, undoubtedly save lives each year.
· Increased DUI checkpoints and public awareness—the less people drink and drive, the safer California’s roadways are for everyone, including motorcyclists. DUI checkpoints discourage drunk driving and may have been part of the reason that California motorcycle fatalities are on the decline.

While California motorcycle fatalities may be on the decline, motorcycle accidents can still cause devastating and permanent injuries to bikers and their passengers. To improve your chances of surviving a CA motorcycle accident, it is important to wear an approved helmet and protective clothing, be cautious when lane splitting, and NEVER ride in a vehicle’s blind spot.

When California motorcycle accidents are caused by someone else’s negligence, motorcycle accident victims may be entitled to compensation for their injuries or losses. If you have suffered injuries in a California motorcycle crash, our skilled California motorcycle attorneys can help you. Whether your motorcycle accident occurred in Santa Rosa, or the motorcycle accident was in  Oakland or you need a motorcycle lawyer in Los Angeles, Bakersfield, or any other city in California, call us at 1-800-4-BIKERS today for a free consultation.

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