Motorcycle Gear Is For Safety First Then Good LooksRoad rash is not a good look! You may think you look ‘all that’ with those chaps on but are they gonna protect your butt when you are doing the road rash boogie?
I have an old school philosophy when it comes to my riding gear; I am not into flashy stuff… I wear an old pair of Red Wing engineer boots I have had since I was like 25, they have been resolved about 7 or 8 times, and the steel-toe and leather is still in top condition… I guess when you pay close to $100.00 for a pair over boots 20 or so years ago you actually got quality! My jacket is your basic black riding jacket I got from a bro who bought a new one… it has some scratches and stains on it, but that is nothing some old fashioned saddle soap and black leather dye couldn’t fix.
I don’t like leather pants, so I got some decent chaps that I have broken in well so they almost cling to me like my pants! As for gloves I got a the basics, simple leather gloves, and for colder weather I have some cool rawhide and fur mittens that fit over them perfectly. I don’t like full face helmets so I went with a solid Kevlar “shorty” skid lid that does the trick!
In the US it is buyer beware when it comes to protective clothing. In Europe, manufacturers of biker gear that claim to be protective have to go through major testing before they can label the clothes as such. Not in the US.
Most motorcycle accidents cause injury to the lower part of the body – even though the media focus is on head injuries. So in the very least where great riding boots and leather pants or one of the new synthetic fabrics that protect better than denim. Hot short shorts – not so much.
Protective jackets and gloves make the look complete. Don’t scrimp when it comes to safety.
When I attend major rallies and see the cute girl on the back of a bike wearing practically nothing I cringe. Road Rash is no laughing matter.
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