Very early Tuesday morning a Dallas motorcyclist led police on a high speed pursuit through several North Texas cities. In fact, the rider was going so fast that the Dallas Police Department’s helicopter, Air One, had trouble keeping up with him.
William Pfohl, 31, was first spotted by law enforcement along the North Dallas Tollway near Royal Lane. Initially, police thought the bike was stolen out of Florida and attempted to pull over the rider for speeding. Rather than complying, the rider opted to put the bike through its paces to see what it had. It turns out both the bike and rider was up to the challenge.
Initial news reports stated the rider was reaching speeds over 100 miles per hour; in fact, it turns out he was traveling at almost twice that speed.
After capturing the attention of the police Pfohl led the riders north on the Tollway up to the George Bush where he traveled eastbound to Central Expressway and took that southbound until he reached the High Five interchange at LBJ Freeway. Then he rode westbound through massive amounts of construction on LBJ until reaching I-35 and took that southbound all the way into downtown Dallas. The rider successfully navigated the sharp curve from I-35 to I-30 westbound and just before reaching Highway 287 near Fort Worth where his bike ran out of gas. A news team with the local FOX News affiliate captured part of the high speed pursuit as it flew past them near downtown Dallas. The team drove after the chase and were able to capture a brief interview with Pfohl as he was being arrested.
The rider confirmed that he had pegged his speedometer at speeds up to 189 mph and the arresting officer confirmed they had reached high speeds as well. Pfohl sounded a little disappointed because he had stopped to top off his tank before the chase began…73 miles earlier.
Pfhol has been charged with evading arrest and is currently in the custody of the Dallas County Sheriff’s office. 
His bike has been impounded and law enforcement confirmed that the bike had not been stolen and is, in fact, legally owned by Pfhol.

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