Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Channel 3 news in Kutarere, New Zealand reported last week about a motorcyclist, who swerved to avoid being hit by an oncoming motorist, hit a ditch and launched his motorcycle into a tree. While the facts of the motorcycle accident were sparse, the motorcyclist was serious injured and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. With the accident itself unique as the motorcycle was caught in a tree and wasn’t seriously damaged, the rider did suffer serious injuries.
The accident itself only goes to prove that a motorcycle accident can happen anywhere at anytime and it is important to always wear safety gear and take a proactive stance whenever you ride.
Every State offers motorcycle safety courses to help educate those new to motorcycle riding and one of the additional benefits of taking an approved riders safety course is that it can also help reduce your motorcycle insurance premium.
The key idea of any motorcycle safety course to prepare the inexperienced motorcycle rider for “real” riding in a variety of situations with information on how to plan your ride, and best practices tips that are designed to help the newbie motorcyclist with confidence building riding skills that will aid the rider later on when riding on the streets and highways.
The most commonly reported aspects of motorcycle riding that many new riders need help with are preparing to make turns, how to effective apply the brakes and how to avoid road debris and hazards.
The most important things newbie riders should know is that they need to assume that they are invisible to every other motorist on the road and it is their job t make themselves visible and seen but the driver who is not looking for them. It is also important to always be thinking ahead while on the road; being watchful for changing road and traffic conditions and always have a safety escape route should trouble or road hazard happen.
Owning and riding a motorcycle isn’t for everyone, but for the inexperienced rider who is committed to learn and make safety a top priority and safety includes good riding habits appropriate clothing and gear combined with a proactive riding stance, then there is a good chance that the will not become an accident statistic overnight and crank out enough hours in the saddle to one day make them a seasoned rider.
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