Motorcycle Lawyers Laughlin Las Vegas NevadaRuss Brown of Russ Brown Motorcycle Lawyers, is in Laughlin, Nevada for the Laughlin River Run. Russ will be stationed at the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® & BAM Booth amidst all the other action around Casino Drive, Laughlin, NV.
BAM, Free Breakdown and Legal Assistance for Motorcyclists, was created by Russ over thirty years ago to help out his fellow motorcycle community. The BAM Benefit card is a emergency card no motorcyclists should be without. This unique card puts bikers in touch with a motorcyclists help-line twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
“Thank you so much BAM! I am new to riding. I’ve tried to get certain things so they are automatic, but sometimes you realize you forgot to do something important at a very bad time. This morning, New Year’s Day, I had just passed the last exit for a few miles and the bike starts to sputter! I tried to turn on the reserve, when I realized I had forgot to switch it to normal the last time I got gas. I called you, and you were great! And Ken, who rescued me, thanks for getting up at that hour on New Year’s Day to rescue a newbie. Thanks to you all I made it home safe and sound. And would you believe, not one CHP passed me the entire time? Thanks!”
Cindy V in San Diego, California
BAM not only helps you on the road but also helps you in the court room. Know that if you have been injured in an unfortunate motorcycle accident, you will get a top motorcycle accident lawyer fighting for you. Motorcycle Lawyer Russ Brown has been fighting for bikers in the court room for over thirty years.
If you are at the Laughlin River Run in Nevada and have any legal questions in regards to a motorcycle accident, stop by the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®/ BAM booth and talk to Russ.
BAM is a nationwide program that can assist you wherever you ride in this great country of ours.
Have a great time in Laughlin!

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