BAM motorcycle lawyers Laughlin NevadaAs of Saturday am, no major motorcycle reports for Laughlin, Nevada are hitting the news wire. That is good news! Two motorcycle accidents have been reported for motorcyclists in California, however,  involving bikers headed to Laughlin, NV. One I reported on yesterday involving a woman who fell off the back of a motorcycle and in the other, two motorcyclists in Cajon Pass, collided. They were on northbound Interstate 15 near Highway 138. This motorcycle accident forced the closure of three lanes Friday morning. No word yet as to the extent of their injuries but much thanks goes out to the motorcyclists who stopped and gave assistance at the scene of the accident.  Traffic on the northbound I-15 backed up with the high volume of motorcyclists from the San Bernardino and Los Angeles area heading Las Vegas or the Laughlin River Run this weekend.
Be extra careful out there this weekend.
Today the wind is supposed to really kick in which will make riding your bike a little more challenging. Extra caution is a must! Working for motorcycle accident injury lawyers, you see and hear about all sorts of unfortunate motorcycle accidents. Don’t be one of them!
Laughlin this weekend
Casino Drive is where most of the action is happening. The Laughlin River Run is contained to one major area, which makes it easier to get around and be at the heart of the motorcycle event. New this year is the first-ever Battle of the Bands at the Aquarius Resort. They are calling it the ‘Official Laughlin River Run Battle of the Bands,’ and 30 grand is up for grabs. And in Vegas style, Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort is showing a Biker Burlesque Topless show nightly. I am sure that will be a biker hotspot!
Hot Leathers has a booth in Laughlin and they are holding a fundraiser for  Soldier’s Angels . You can donate and send a message to the troops. This is a yearlong promotion and Hot Leathers has already raised over $1000.00. Soldiers’ Angels is a volunteer-led non-profit that provides aid and comfort to active servicemen and women of the U.S. military as well as veterans and their families. I am proud to say bikers are incredibly supportive of the
troops, as witnessed in Washington every year with the Ride to the Wall event, so make sure you stop by and make a donation.
If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you need experience on your side. And Russ Brown Motorcycle Lawyers are experienced in motorcycle law. Make sure you have a motorcycle accident lawyer who rides with you! Call 1-800-4-BIKERS and a Nevada Motorcycle Lawyer will be on your side.
Ride Safe this weekend and see you on Casino Drive!

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