A big motorcycle accident in Tampa Bay, Florida signals motorcycle season has begun. I just got back to Los Angeles, California from Daytona, Florida. I was there with BAM, Free Breakdown and Legal Assistance for Motorcyclists and the Motorcycle Accident Lawyers, Brown, Koro & Romag, LLP also known as Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®.  And it was cold! The season in the Southern States, California, Florida, Texas, etc, were being hit with bad weather. California it was rain, Texas was hit with snow and Florida was just outright cold for this time of year.  The week after Daytona Bike Week ended, you guessed it, it got hot in the South and even the Northern winter states have been experiencing mild weather.
What does this mean? It means us bikers are pulling out our motorcycles and hitting the road in large numbers. It also means those people in cars are seeing, some of us for the first time in a while and this means accidents.
I get Google Alerts that let me know when something is posted on the net in regards to motorcycle news and I just got this alert.

“4 dead after truck hits two motorcycles in Sumter County”

This was posted by Tampa Bay Online the morning of Sunday , March 14th.
Roz, a fellow BAM rep, who also was in attendance at Daytona Bike Week had a great idea. She said there should be a bill introduced to the powers that be that puts a motorcycle awareness section into the general licensing test. She made reference to teaching children and that you need to teach them good habits from the beginning. I tried to remember if there was any mention of motorcycle awareness in any of my driving exams and I don’t think there was. There should be  a section on it in the driver’s education book, it should be part of any drivers education program and it should be part of the exam. It may be in some states and if that is the case please let me know. It has been a while since I took any sort of drivers course. If it is, fantastic. If it is not do you not think it should be?
The cover of New York Rider Magazine’s September 2009 issue featured fellow bikers who were killed in motorcycle accidents last summer. Not one of those fatalities was the bikers fault. AKA, the driver of the vehicle that hit them did not see them.
Let me know your thoughts.
Ciao from Los Angeles, CA