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The recent NSA scandal has focused our attention on the many ways the government and other large companies monitor our every move. The National Security Agency is not just snooping into phone and online communications; it is also keeping a close eye on credit card transactions, according to a recent article in Time Magazine. Even the insurance companies have gotten into the mix and want to keep an eye on your every driving move.
In recent years, insurance companies such as Progressive have offered drivers a plug in device to monitor your driving. The way they sell this “Snapshot” to drivers is by offering them a savings for good driving behavior. The Snapshot device easily plugs into the car’s diagnostic port and automatically takes account how many miles you drive, how often you slam on the brakes, how often you drive late at night, and your average speed. Allstate and State Farm also have these monitoring programs as well.
If motorcyclists thought they could escape such “Big Brother” monitoring because they chose a life on two-wheels, they should think again. A Canadian insurance company is now working to set up a pilot program similar to Progressive’s Snapshot. The device would monitor the bike’s location, speed, mileage, acceleration, braking, and even the G-forces experienced during cornering. The results would then be used to determine insurance rates.
“It hasn’t been done before on motorcycles. Potentially, those that exhibit poor driving behavior either pay more or they don’t get a discount depending on how the program would be set up.
                   –Andrew Cartmell, CEO and President of SGI
SGI believes that this device would reduce motorcycle accidents by causing motorcyclists to drive safer than before. While he realizes that not all riders would feel comfortable with this device installed on their bike, he believes that the general public would be on board. If this Canadian motorcycle monitoring program goes well, you can bet the American insurance companies won’t be far behind.
Would American motorcyclists participate in such a program just to obtain a driving discount? Would the results of this data be used against motorcyclists after accidents? These questions still need to be answered, but no matter where you live and ride you can be sure that “Big Brother” is indeed watching.
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