Motorcycle Lawyers TexasRoad Rage between Drunk Drivers Claims Lives Of Motorcycle-Loving Couple
As revisited in a Star Local News story, a motorcycle-riding couple was recently remembered at a fundraiser hosted by a local motorcycle club, DBMC, to help the couple’s two girls, ages 5 and 13 following the double-fatality motorcycle accident last year.
The deadly motorcycle accident occurred on U.S. 75 in Richardson during the early morning of September 17th, 2010, when two patrons of a bar argued, first inside the bar, then in the bar’s parking lot. The altercation continued onto U.S. 75 as the drunken wannabe-gladiators left in their vehicles. When one of the participants abruptly stopped his vehicle in the roadway, the other combatant swerved into the opposing lane, where he struck the couple’s motorcycle head-on.
Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Texas: Collateral victims
Sadly, the wife died at the scene of the horrific Texas motorcycle accident, while her husband survived in the hospital for two days. Following their death, their two children are now living with an aunt and uncle. The tragedy of this story lies in the losses suffered by these two young girls: What may have begun as a petty argument between belligerent drunks ended with the loss of the unlucky biker couple as collateral victims of road rage, and burdened the children and remaining family both emotionally and financially. Texas motorcycle attorneys have worked to educate the public regarding the causes of road rage, and the extra danger that angry motorists pose to innocent motorcyclists. Unfortunately, much work remains to be done, as shown by the current story.
If you or someone you love has been touched by a motorcycle accident here in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, or anywhere in the State of Texas, whether it resulted from road rage or not, you should contact a Texas motorcycle lawyer for help. A savvy Texas motorcycle attorney can discuss the available options, and work to protect your rights and win the financial relief and long-term help that your family deserves. Call the Texas motorcycle lawyers at 1-800-4-BIKERS to schedule your free consultation today.

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