Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Grabbing the handlebars with a tribute story to mom.

Stephanie Hynes was born in Rechtenbach Germany, a small village in beautiful Bavaria. Clearly raised right, her mom was always interested in riding motorcycles and while living in the little Bavarian village, she was set on getting her motorcycle license.
Stephanie shared “My grandpa had motorcycles over his lifetime. A couple got confiscated by the war regime, but he bought another one since it was the only means of transportation for him because he never had a car or a license to operate a car. Well, my mom was interested in HIS motorcycle and when he was not home she would take it for rides. One time she took it out and crashed into a ditch. All she broke was the brake line, so she quietly put it back not telling anybody because she knew she would catch hell for taking it in the first place. The next day my grandpa was going for a ride and crashed because the brakes did not work. You can imagine that this was not a happy day at our household as well as many weeks to come.
That didn’t hold mom back. She thought she would get her license in secrecy in the big town a few miles down the road. Well unfortunately she was spotted by somebody from the village who had nothing better to do then to go home and tell on her. So her dream of ever riding or owning her own motorcycle was torn apart.
In 2009 my mom got diagnosed with throat cancer. We thought the doctors had gotten it all. But that was not the case. It all came back and even worse the following year with it spreading to her lungs and bones. Christmas of 2010 I went home for the last time with my husband to spend our final Christmas with my mom. She passed away Feb 27th, 2011. It was very hard, she was only 71 years old. Still, now, I have a hard time because it all was too fast, she was not ready and neither was I.
That year my husband decided that he would buy a motorcycle. So I told him that he has to make sure it is a big one so I can ride on the back. He’s reply was “well that ain’t gonna happen.”
Coming from a line of strong women, I thought to myself FINE. Yeah, watch out when a woman says FINE, meaning we’re not done here just yet buddy! So I went to Delta College and got my license and have been a legal rider since summer of 2011. I bought myself a Yamaha V-Star 650; it’s black and has lots of chrome. The funniest thing of all is now whenever my husband wants to go for a ride, he has to have me with him since I am fully licensed and he is not. Yes, I sure did drive the Karma bus this time. 🙂
Today every time I take my bike I smile, thinking how awesome it would be to have my mom on the back of my motorcycle and show her this beautiful country we live in. Whenever I ride, she is in spirit with me, so close that writing this brings tears to my eyes. It seems that when I am on my motorcycle this is the closest I can get to my mom and I can feel her smiling at me and enjoying the ride. The freedom I feel after a stressful day or just wanting to get away from it all and clear your mind cannot be compared with anything at all. Riding is the best therapy.”
I can relate to early childhood motorcycle memories and am inspired by the strength Stephanie clearly got from her mom. No taking the back seat and grabbing the bars!
Love it and I agree … Riding is the best therapy!
Ride ON!
Brenda Fox
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