Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Icon’s women’s specific Sacred Tall Motorcycle Riding boots.

We have so many different choices of boots in the marketplace that finding the right pair of motorcycle riding boots is a challenge. We need to check out several to find exactly what suits our needs. Whether you’re looking for a riding boot only or a multipurpose functional boot, the requirement of protection, function and comfort of course first and paramount. Styling that doesn’t hinder shifting or have a cumbersome bulk are a few of the features that separate the needs of motorcyclists.
The Icon’s Sacred Tall Boot is a great versatile choice. The riding protective features include an axial metric steel shank, padded shin panel, custom molded metal heel plate and molded rubber shifter nubs, while also blending stylish features. The low profile Icon outsole and the 12” top grain leather upper in an appealing package that won’t disappoint. Another mention is this is not a waterproof boot. I would recommend Icon Reign waterproof boot as a better choice if your going to be waddling in water puddles often. If you don’t require a fully sealed lining and waterproofing features then this style will suit you fine.
Eyeballing and giving this boot the feel test, the exterior has a nice mid-calf women’s specific fit. What a welcome change from the boxy ugly choices we were limited to in the past. The boots feel good right from the get go.  Sturdy and protective without the fear of being plagued with the “break in blister” period. I’m going to recommend you “size up” with this style. With the oodles of boots I have reviewed these tend to run smaller than most. I do like how they feel shifting. On the Ducati I felt like I could run thru the gears just fine without being restricted by boot bulge. On the Harley they feel just as comfortable.
It’s so refreshing to see how far women’s riding gear has come in the past few years. The ongoing efforts for women specific gear is something Icon had been a solid force in developing. They have done a great job of combining technology and state of the art materials, fine-tuning the critical balance of function and design.
I’m pleased to say Icon’s Sacred Tall boots are an attractive offering for functional and flatter boots sure to please. For more information visit:
Ride safe, ride well, ride often – Ride ON!
Brenda Fox

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