Smart Trainer Offers Hands On Motorcycle Rider Training Without Injury Risk; Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®
Have you participated in a rider perception test? The rider perception test will test your ability to read and understand road signs at real riding speeds. Perception in combination with your eye & hand coordination is an important skill that every motorcycle rider must have. is great place for all motorcyclists to get up to date information on motorcycle safety and rider education, and if you think you are a seasoned motorcyclist then you can test your riding perception with their online perception test at
Have you tried the Honda SMART traffic simulator?
According to, The Honda SMART is a traffic simulator specifically designed to give riders a safe bridge between a typical beginning riding course. The key is in providing a no-risk introduction to the hazards of street riding to compliment rudimentary instruction that’s is designed to building safe riding skills and habits while building confidence in the inexperienced motorcyclist.
The key to the SMARTrainer is that it utilizes a motorcycle-like cockpit, with a seat, handlebars fitted with active throttle, front brake and clutch, and footpegs with rear brake and shift lever to fully mimic a motorcycle. The SMART uses Honda’s proprietary software to present the motorcyclist with 17 different riding environments that unfold on the computer screen and respond accordingly to rider inputs. The choice of landscape ranges from city, mountain, and suburban scenarios; which can be rendered in daylight, night setting, and even fog, to help challenge reaction time and provide a valuable foundation to becoming a more defensive, safer rider.
While the SmartTrainer doesn’t lean like a real motorcycle is an important step in the right direction offering interactive rider training tools that help those with no actual motorcycle riding experience to become familiar with the hand & foot coordination that is required for operating a motorcycle.
Anything that can aid in building competency and experience in new motorcyclist will prevent the new motorcyclist from become an accident statistic and keep them safe when ever they ride.
The Honda SMARTrainer is currently in use at the MSF Campuses and also at 38 Honda dealerships and a select few other places.
Ride Safe!
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