Motorcycle LawyersThe California law that allows motorcycles to lane split is not popular with four wheeled drivers. When I first arrived to Los Angeles, CA I was shocked the first time I saw a motorcycle lane split and go past me. Now I am used to it and when I see a motorcycle coming up between the lanes I move over so the biker has more room to pass. This is not always the case unfortunately. There are some drivers who actually go out of their way to cut the motorcycle driver of.

If you are a California motorcyclist, you are probably already aware of the fact that lane-splitting is legal. But what many California motorcyclists are unaware of is how much lane-splitting aggravates other California drivers. While lane-splitting can help traffic congestion and improve the overall flow of traffic on California freeways, California motorcyclists, who abuse this privilege, leave many California drivers more than a little perturbed.
According to ABC7 in Los Angeles, some California motorcyclists use hand gestures and obscenities when they are driving or attempting to maneuver traffic. While lane-splitting is legal, it is only legal if done safely—something many California motorcyclists abuse. ABC7 caught L.A. motorcyclists riding between two sets of double yellow lines on the 105 Freeway. They also observed Los Angeles motorcyclists crossing the white lines or double yellow lines in the carpool lane. Both of these activities are illegal and are not considered safe lane-splitting.

In addition to improper uses of lane splitting, many California motorcyclists are unaware that safe lane-splitting means only traveling 10 mph more than the speed of traffic. Some L.A. and San Francisco motorcyclists ride considerably faster through traffic, which increases their risk of sustaining serious and often fatal motorcycle accidents. As long as California motorcyclists share lanes safely, lane-splitting can be a great thing for all California drivers. Motorcyclists who ride in between the lanes of traffic are not contributing to the traffic congestion and their presence on California freeways makes traffic better for everyone. Unfortunately, many already miffed California motorists attempt to block motorcyclists from riding in between lanes—even when the lane splitting is done legally. This action is extremely dangerous and can cost the motorcyclist his or her life and result in criminal charges against the driver of the automobile.
Whether you are a San Diego motorcyclist, a Los Angeles motorcyclist, or a San Francisco motorcyclist, it is important to ride carefully. Whenever lane-splitting in traffic, always remember to go slowly and watch for other drivers who may be unaware of your presence. In addition, try to ride courteously–we all need to share California’s roads together. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, or San Diego, you need a California motorcycle accident lawyer who understands the complexities surrounding motorcycle accident cases. We understand motorcyclists—because we are motorcyclists.
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