Ed Handy Albany New YorkBikers are killed every day because of the negligence of other drivers. In many cases, the driver of the “other vehicle” is not ticketed until days later, even though the evidence almost always shows that the driver was at fault. It seems the general public does not recognize bikers as human beings, only as reckless individuals who somehow deserve what they get just because they choose to ride a motorcycle. This issue has caused major distress among the biker community, especially during the riding season of 2009 when there seemed to be an excessive number of motorcycle accidents. Syracuse, New York, lost a beloved friend and female biker, Brenda Force, last year, and Albany, New York, bikers also experienced great losses and tragic motorcycle accidents. In fact, three members of one particular motorcycle club had bike accidents all within weeks of each other. 2009 was a dangerous summer in New York.

The other driver is not always at fault. Sometimes the biker is not paying enough attention to his/her surroundings or is distracted for one reason or another. For this reason everyone on the road needs to be more diligent and conscientious at all times. We are ALL at risk when we step into a vehicle or hop onto a motorcycle. Hopefully we will never have to learn more than we want to know about the laws that apply to bikers (some are very different from the laws that apply to other people).  If you ever have a legal concern you call motorcycle lawyers who specialize in biker law.

We are now entering into the riding season in New York, and bikers will be on the road everywhere, attending biker events, charity events, or just taking a leisurely ride to nowhere. The need for speed seems to dictate our lives these days, parents rushing their kids from one event to another, trying to make it to the bank on time before it closes, etc. The nicer the weather, and the better the road conditions, the more likely the driver will take a chance running that yellow-turning-red-light. It is true that loud pipes can save lives, but slowing down and keeping your eyes on the road can save a lot more. And of course there is no room for alcohol on the road. Let’s make the summer of 2010 as accident-free as we possibly can. Please RIDE SAFE and expect everyone else to be idiots on the road ! Nicole Ives Elizabethtown, NY

Written by Lisa Petrocelli
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