Motorcycles Don't Crash AloneIt seems that motorcycles are becoming  more and more popular, and for a variety of reasons; to combat rising fuel costs, and ease of traveling on congested freeways and highways to name a only a few. With this popularity insurance companies are expanding their marketing to include motorcycle insurance. To date there are some catchy TV commercials, with one saying "Bikes never crash alone".

There is more truth to that ad than the insurance companies want you to know, and while having quality motorcycle insurance is vitally important, what the insurance companies don’t tell you is if you are injured in a motorcycle accident by one of their insured, they will fight to the last penny before they settle a claim.

Well maybe that is just good business, or maybe it is how insurance companies protect their financial earnings, but in the case of the person who has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, it often times becomes a legal nightmare if they don’t have an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to protect their rights.

Lets face it, if you are injured in a motorcycle accident all that matters is taking care of your medical needs, and even if you have motorcycle accident and health insurance, even a non life threatening injury like a broken leg can add up to thousands and thousands of dollars in medical costs and lost wages while you are out of work; and lets not forget getting your bike repaired either.

There are so many variables in one motorcycle accident to another, that not having an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can almost doom your chances of getting  a favorable settlement. Insurance companies employ highly skilled and experienced lawyers, investigators, and claims adjusters, and their job is pick a part every claim that is filed so they can settle it for the least amount of money possible. They use terms like "Comparative Negligence", "Assumed Risk", "Blue Book Value", and others as part of their negotiation strategy. To the insurance company their primary concern is their financial bottom line, and paying off a accident claim is only a monetary figure that must be minimized to maintain their "bottom line".

By hiring an experienced and aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer, the insurance company will not be able to use their claims tactics and strategies because once your attorney has presented your case in a light that is favorable to you and damaging their insured, the insurance company will be forced to settle on your terms, or risk losing larger amounts of money from jury awarded settlements.

So how do you choose the right motorcycle accident lawyer? The best way to start is by asking a lot of questions. Ask about the lawyers direct experience with accident cases similar to yours, how many years has been practicing law? find out what the lawyers success rate is, and what he will do to pursue your case. Every lawyer will have slightly different answers, including how the plan to approach settling your case.

Naturally you wouldn’t want a lawyer that specializes in intellectual law to try your motorcycle accident case, so once you have a small list of lawyers who specialize in motorcycle accidents or personal injury you can begin your research. Remember every motorcycle accident is different and unique, and attorneys to give you "pat" or canned answers on your chances of winning or how much money they "guarantee" you will get are good indication that this isn’t the right lawyer for you!

Make sure that as soon as find a motorcycle accident lawyer you are comfortable with that you turn over any documents, accident reports or paperwork you may have and whenever anyone tries to speak with you regarding your accident that you refer them to your lawyer!

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles or California, you need an experienced and aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer who will fight to protect your rights and get you compensation for your medical bills, damage to your motorcycle and your pain and suffering. Call 1-800-4-BIKERS to speak with one of our lawyers today.