Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Blog; Motorcycles used to steal millions of dollars in jewelry in a mall. In a fashion similar to the Batman riding his motorcycle through the streets of Gotham in the Dark Knight, a renegade group of 6 individuals on three stolen motorcycles stormed through a central London, England mall and proceeded to snatch over 3 million dollars in jewels.   Imagine shopping in a mall and seeing motorcycles soaring by you.
The thieves were garbed in all black attire, and armed with baseball bats and axes, entered the mall on the stolen motorcycles just about an hour after the mall opened for the day.  They entered a jewellery store and shovelled all they could into bags and tore off out of the mall.  The mall was a scene of pandemonium with people screaming and running out of the mall as quickly they could.  One of the men took his axe and shattered a glass barrier that protects those on the upper level from falling down to the level below.  They threatened off the security guard, piled their booty in as quickly as possible and fled the scene.  The suspects were scene tearing out of the mall onto the streets below, while onlookers even attempted to kick the motorcycles in order to slow their progress, but to no avail. The police believe the bikes were stolen, and their assumption appears to have been backed up when the three motorcycles were found discarded in a nearby golf course.
This “smash and grab” style of robbery is  not at all uncommon, however it is uncommon for it to be done in this fashion.  Most of these robberies occur with vans or cars as the getaway vehicles, only very few cases have motorcycles as the getaway vehicle, and even fewer of them riding through malls.

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