As a motorcyclist, it is only natural to want to share your passion for the open road with the ones you love. Perhaps you ride with your wife or girlfriend; or your boyfriend or husband, perhaps you ride with a group of friends; or just maybe, you decide to pass your love of motorcycling on to your grandsons. That is precisely what Texas motorcyclist Mike Long decided to do, except not in the way you might expect!
Mike Long is the owner of Motorcycle Performance in Odessa, Texas, and he has some pretty unique helpers in his shop. Mike’s 4 grandsons between the ages of 4 and 9 help him out regularly in the shop and have learned some pretty important motorcycle maintenance skills. He began teaching the boys the mechanics of working and restoring bikes about 2 years ago in an attempt to share his love of motorcycling with them. Now, they do all the work themselves while Long simply oversees!
The boys can take whole bikes apart, clean and paint the parts and put the bikes back together again. So far, they have finished 4 complete bike restorations as part of Long’s amazing 205 bike collection located in his shop. All in all, his unique collection includes 42 factory road racers, including 13 that have held world championship titles. Even the 4 year old gets in on the action and did all the wiring components himself.
Until the boys are old enough to start racing, Long figures this is the next best thing and a chance for him to share his passion for motorcycling with his grandsons and family. After all, he has been racing since he was 10 years old, has won 27 national drag racing competitions, and has set 75 total records. When he broke his back in a motorcycle accident, he decided to open his Odessa business and when his grandsons were born it seemed only natural to want to get them involved in what he loves.
Motorcycle Performance
12106 W Highway 80 E

Odessa, TX 79765 (432) 563-1589

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