Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® – Biker killed due to tow line stretched across road.

Over the first weekend in December, a motorcyclist in Brazil was tragically killed after riding into a steel cable that was stretched taut across a roadway. 

Jose Aparecido Ferreira, 25, was riding his motorcycle along a low trafficked road; he was wearing a helmet and traveling the posted speed limit.

Unbeknownst to him, the driver/operator of a tow truck had stretched a steel cable from one side of the road to the other and connected it to a broken down vehicle. The driver’s cable was not painted any type of distinguishing colors nor was there any people positioned on either side of the cable to be a visual barrier alerting oncoming traffic to the cable.

The driver, for reasons unknown, did not position his tow truck in a way that would have partially blocked the road and he did not place any traffic cones out before beginning to work.

Ferreira rode straight into the taut cable and never had an opportunity to take any type of evasive action before he was horrifically knocked back from his motorcycle in a back flip. His neck was broken and there were severe injuries to his chest.

“While this being a really rare incident, you would think the wrecker driver would’ve taken appropriate precautions,” said motorcycle training instructor ‘Crazy Ed’ Edwards. “First thing, the wrecker should’ve been set up closer to the van he was pulling out so the wrecker would be partially blocking the road, the cones should’ve been put earlier and, a BIG AND, he should’ve enlisted folks standing by to block the roadway to slow folks down. A very small convertible would’ve had the same results; a small car would’ve had the entire top shaved off.”

Paramedics arrived on the scene and transported the injured Ferreira to the hospital; unfortunately, doctors were unable to save his life.

“After the initial shock subsided, all sorts of thoughts ran through my head: Why wasn’t the cable painted to be more viewable? Why didn’t the men standing around block traffic?” said motorcyclist Rebecca Cunningham. As the video played, and they brought out the cones to block traffic, then I wanted to scream ‘Why did you wait to use the cones?’”

Cunningham went on to share, “This sort of thing has always concerned me. When I was in middle school, a high school aged boy who lived near us was decapitated when he cut through the yard of the people who lived at the end of the road. He had been warned by the homeowners to stop cutting through their yard on his motorcycle. The incident caused so much grief in out ‘neighborhood’ (we lived in the country, so it wasn’t a neighborhood, per se)”.

The company that owns the tow truck is now under investigation by authorities for possible culpable homicide charges as there were no warning signs when the accident occurred.


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