I just didn’t see that motorcycle, officer – is the common excuse drivers use after they have turned left in front of a motorcyclist. While it is absolutely the most annoying thing I have ever heard it doesn’t excuse the driver of their negligence by saying “I didn’t see him”.
The number one cause of the majority of motorcycle accidents is the negligence of automobile drivers who ‘just didn’t see the motorcyclist’. While personal injury laws are clear on financial penalties and compensation for the victims of motorcycle accidents, when a biker is wrongfully killed by another motorists the law is not as clear with the path to justice blurred.
The loved ones of the killed motorcyclist suffer greatly and are left with questions that are very hard to answer. While lawmakers strive to make motorcycle awareness on roads and highways a priority, the current laws and penalties imposed on those found guilty are far more lax and lenient compared to other crimes that involve wrongful death.
The only thing that can be done is to make sure the rights of motorcyclists who are wrongfully killed is for us to raise our collective voices and demand State and Federal officials improve the current laws to protect motorcycle riders who are killed by negligence of others.
Your voice is sure to be heard at the ballot box of those State and Federal elected officials who refuse to act on our request for better laws that will protect every motorcyclist when the ride.
The statement “Kill A Biker Go to Jail®” is nothing new now, but it must become a fact of life for all drivers who carelessly hit and kill bikers.
Many motorcyclists ride in fear, knowing that if they get run over, the penalty is great for them, but not for the negligent driver that caused their death!
Join by signing the petition currently underway directed towards the U. S. Congress requesting that Federal laws be strengthened to ensure careless and negligent drivers who kill a motorcyclist be held fully accountable. To view and sign the petition click here.

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