On Saturday, September 21st a motorcycle ride is being held to benefit a local Pittsburgh 3-year-old who is waiting for a heart transplant at Children’s Hospital. Aidan Seville was born in 2010 with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which is a rare but life-threatening heart defect. In Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, the left side of the heart is underdeveloped and babies are often forced to undergo heart transplants to survive.

When Aidan was just five days old, he had open-heart surgery—the first of three heart surgeries. Afterwards, he went home to be with his family, which includes one brother and two older sisters.

He grew and developed normally until April 2013 when he underwent his third heart surgery. After the heart surgery, fluid began building up in his heart and lungs. Further tests would reveal that Aidan’s heart was failing and his liver was shutting down.

On August 9th, Aidan received a mechanical heart that would beat for him until he could find a heart donor. He is currently in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit of Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh until he can find a new heart.

Aidan’s medical problems have taken their toll on the entire family. His mother took a leave of absence from her job to be with Aidan full-time. In the meantime, the bills keep pilling up and insurance premiums have made it financially stressful for the family.

In order to help them pay their expenses and support Aidan, his family has created a “Rumble in the Mountains” motorcycle ride. The ride will begin and end at the Big Spring Fish and Game located off of Steelstown Road near Newville on Sept 21st. It is an 82-mile route and all riders are encouraged to come out and participate to help raise money for Aidan.

After the ride, there will be food, door prizes, music, and even a classic car show.

For those interested in participating in the ride or car show, please call Wonders or Betty Seville. Wonders’ phone number is (717) 816-6777 and Seville’s is (717) 816-3338.

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