San Francisco Bay Area Motorcycling
For San Francisco Bay area motorcyclists, change is in the wind. While some of the new changes affecting San Francisco, San Jose, and other Bay area motorcyclists, are good, others may leave motorcyclists out in the cold. Advancements in technology invariably leads to change, and two of the changes heading towards the Bay area soon are traffic applications for mobile devices and increased parking meters in the city.
The Good—Traffic Applications for Mobile Devices
According to the Silicon Valley Mercury News and the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the California Highway Patrol has developed a new application specifically designed for mobile devices. Now, Californians from San Jose and San Francisco to Los Angeles and San Diego will be able to check their mobile phones for up to the minute traffic information. This is a huge step towards helping California commuters avoid traffic congestion. Before you leave the house, you can now check your smart phone to determine the quickest and least congested route through the Bay Area.
While this news is certainly good news for all California drivers, California motorcyclists, in particular, may benefit the most. In the past, San Francisco and San Jose motorcyclists had to weave in and out of traffic in order to avoid long commute times and lengthy delays. Although riding in between the lanes of stopped traffic is legal in California, it does increase the risk of California motorcycling accidents, especially in heavy traffic when other drivers may be looking to change lanes quickly. By checking real time traffic on your smart phone before you leave the house, California motorcyclists may be able to avoid dangerous and catastrophic motorcycling accidents.
Remember to check your phone BEFORE you leave the house. Since January 2009, it has been illegal in California to operate a mobile device while driving.
The Bad—Increased Parking Meters in the City
According to NBC Bay Area, free parking in San Francisco may be a thing of the past. The Municipal Transportation Agency is trying to add more than 1,300 parking meters throughout the city, including South of Market, Civic Center, Cathedral Hill, and Fisherman’s Wharf. These parking meters would reduce, if not eliminate, free parking in the city, including many San Francisco motorcycle spots.
No more free parking in the city! These next-generation smart parking meters would start at $1/hour and would include motorcycle spots. According to backers of the plan, this would generate $1 million dollars in extra revenue for the city and help eliminate congestion around the free parking spots.
And if you have been injured in a California motorcycle accident, call 1-800-4-BIKERS.
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