Georgia Motorcycle Law Blog; It is a story that has captivated the nation for the last few months. Aimee Copeland was a 24 year old University of West Georgia undergrad when the tragic accident occurred. An equipment malfunction on a zipline in May 2012 led to a horrific chain of events. She developed necrotizing fasciitis from a flesh eating bacteria that caused five of her major organs to fail and led to the amputation of her left leg, her right foot, and her two hands. Yet through it all, Aimee remained spirited and optimistic about life and her future. Her courage in the face of such tremendous adversity has been an inspiration for so many in the State of Georgia and throughout the country.
The Aimee Copeland Benefit Ride and Musicfest
This past weekend, over 1400 motorcyclists and local residents gathered in downtown Villa Rica to honor and celebrate Aimee Copeland. The “Celebration of Life” festival started off with hundreds of motorcyclists riding in a 63 mile benefit ride. Saturday’s event included amazing food, music, and tributes to the inspirational Copeland. Aimee Copeland herself was at the event and she arrived to cheers from the crowds and her supporters. All the money that was raised this Saturday will go to help with Copeland’s medical bills.
Even after battling this horrific bacterium, Aimee is still “loving life”. She recently told Katie Couric that “everything is more vibrant, more colorful, and even more beautiful than ever before”. Her 4 month ordeal has left her with a new appreciation for life and an enthusiasm that is inspiring a nation.
We wish Aimee continued success with her recovery!

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