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Lane splitting will continue to be illegal in Nevada. After much debate and a bill proposing the legalisation of the practice passed in the state Assembly, Nevada’s Senate put the issue to rest on the evening of May 24th, with a 16-5 vote in favor of scrapping the bill. That leaves California as the only state in which lane splitting is not illegal, even though, there is no law regulating the practice in California.
The now dead bill had taken much of its structure from the already existing California “guidelines” and had passed the Assembly based upon those guidelines. Had the Senate passed the bill, it would have taken effect on January 1st, 2014.
With the defeat in the Nevada Senate, where does that take the issue now? The debate over the legitimacy, safety and legality of lane splitting continues to rage on throughout Nevada as well as other states like Oregon, Washington and Texas. Proponents cite that, if practiced safely, it can ease traffic gridlock and allow a rider more control over their on-road positioning.  Opponents note the safety concerns of other drivers not being prepared for motorcycles to approach between vehicles.

There are many elected voices in the discussion as well. Don Gustavson, a Republican Senator from Nevada had this to say about lane-splitting, “As soon as the light changes they all take off and scattering in all different lanes so you’re just left sitting there waiting until you can go.” He went on to finish by stating; “So I really don’t think this is a safe idea”. Others like Democrat Assemblyman Richard Carrillo emphasise “The whole premise of it is safety; it’s not about being the first one off the line.” referring to bikers who are struck by motorists who don’t see them stopped at an intersection.
Nevada seems split on lane splitting much like other states across the country. Whichever side of the issue you are on the debate continues.

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