$12,000 cash lost by New Jersey man while riding motorcycle.
Commercial fisherman Matthew Camp had a very good scallop run on his boat, the F.V. Nancy Elizabeth off the New Jersey coast and cashed a check for $12,000. He excitedly stuffed the currency into a backpack which had a broken zipper as he was anxious to purchase an engagement ring for his longtime girlfriend, Tabitha Bohn.
Camp, 32, only discovered the cash was missing after riding his motorcycle to the dock and was changing into work clothes according to his almost fiancée Tabitha Bohn. The couple has two children and is raising two others from previous relationships.
“It was heartbreaking,” said Bohn. “He was finally going to break down and buy me a ring.”
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Upon realizing the money was missing, Camp raced his motorcycle back toward the Garden State Parkway and found a highway cleanup crew that was mystified at discovering $4,000 in lose bills fluttering around the roadside.
The crew gave Camp another clue when they described a new model silver truck whose occupant had also picked up some cash. The driver of the truck read the story in the local newspaper and contacted Camp to return the cash; the driver wishes to remain anonymous.
Camp never made it to fishing that day as the boat’s captain had delayed the trip to give the biker a chance to find his cash.
Hopefully Camp recovered most of the cash.

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