Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®:  Radical New Motorcycle Helmet Coming in 2013.

While safety advocates continue to urge the use of motorcycle helmets to prevent traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, there is one fact they fail to mention. Since the majority of motorcycle helmets are optimized for high velocity impacts, they do not fare as well with low impact crashes. Their stiff EPS lining transfers too much energy to the motorcyclist’s skull when they are involved in low speed crashes and this can lead to an increase in concussions that could lead to major health complications in the future.
Luckily a new startup company in California has found a solution: 6D Helmets. These radical new helmets incorporate an Omni-Directional Suspension system between the outer shell and the EPS core. 27 dampers are positioned around the helmet and are designed to provide a cushioning barrier during low speed crashes.
During a 4.5 mph impact, a motorcyclist wearing a traditional helmet experiences 78g of acceleration in their head. The threshold of a concussion for an adult male is just 60g. When motorcyclists were wearing these 6D helmets, however, they only experienced 48g of acceleration in their heads. This is especially good news for off-road motorcyclists who usually take a lot of low impact spills.
Company founder Bob Weber hopes that these helmets can reduce the angular acceleration energy that leads to rotational brain injuries—something that current helmets are unable to prevent. The company plans to sell off road versions first, starting in February 2013; they will retail for around $750 each. There are future plans to develop a street version and a bicycle helmet as well. Next year you can also catch this futuristic helmet on the head of Honda AMA Supercross rider Eli Tomac.
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